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Entry #1

Yeah...well this is just a post.

2007-11-26 21:29:19 by ThroughALensFlare

This is just a post that I wrote cause my homepage was feeling lonely...Yeah, that sounded weirder than it should have...Umm...ok...

Right then,
Through A Lens Flare

(It's a photoshop effect, deal)


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2007-11-28 21:12:46

Tis cool

(Updated ) ThroughALensFlare responds:

Thanx, man. Tis photoshop. The master of Adobe...


2007-12-01 19:18:52

i hate you damn it, I

(Updated ) ThroughALensFlare responds:

That's not nice, could at least finish the message. Insults work much better when they are actually complete.