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The Countdown

2007-12-19 15:13:52 by ThroughALensFlare

Ok... yeah, I'm really really sorry about complaining that I had an old Flash. There's no Flash here (I'm, as my friends and I call it, in Hell, so no, I'm not at home) and it's so freaking boring. And the Photoshop here is really good, but it's really bitchy and has missing components. Although, what it does have works really well, thank you gods of photoshop. I swear I will start using my stupid Flash four more often. I really do! I freaking swear on my iPod... and if you know me, you know I'll die without music. I might do a poem-flash. Perhaps off of "Green Blood." Ok, no, I won't swear on my iPod. Cause I might forget or have stuff to do, and then Lenard might take my iPod away. Of course, I'd bite him... Anyway... 'Till later.


PS: New banner and image up. Woo-hoo. Counting down the days in hell. Today, there's what... hmm 5 left?


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2007-12-20 19:34:45

If you made a Green Blood flash... then that would be awesome...

ThroughALensFlare responds:

Yes... yes, it would. But if I forget, you don't get to kill me.