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2008-01-04 10:01:08 by ThroughALensFlare

So it's been like two weeks since I've decided to work on the Green Blood flash, and I've finally started making small pieces of it. But, since I'm like dead-tired/sick I dunno how fast this is gonna go up. Mainly for two reasons: I have no idea where the hell I'm gonna go with this Flash, and of course, that I have Flash 4, which is not compatible with any of the CS3 stuff. (I can play it on CS3, but CS3 stuff won't work on it.) So yeah, basically, when I finish the Flash (err... if ever) I'm gonna get screwed over with the preloader... But, I dunno, that's not till later. So yeah...



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2008-01-06 21:04:15

Yes! You have a favourite flash!

ThroughALensFlare responds:

Yes... And? Is it illegal or somethin'?


2008-01-16 23:22:27

No, its just nice your sharing your opinion on NG.

ThroughALensFlare responds:

Well... that too.