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2008-02-05 22:10:46 by ThroughALensFlare

Yeah... I finally have something up on NG, which makes me feel half-proud. It's eh... decent. No one really votes on it, but we'll just have to wait, won't we. As for the works, Anybody But You actually had some thought before it, and Why Can't We Be had no thought whatsoever and was just sung in the dark in front of a bookcase. Both recorded with a crappy mic and Windows Movie Maker... :)




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2008-03-06 09:10:36

u suck haha

ThroughALensFlare responds:

I'm aware.


2008-03-11 08:36:54

why are you dissapointed? in the worst case you could have gotten a really bad score, but you have over 3. that aint bad, cheer up!

ThroughALensFlare responds: